Editing my wardrobe and keeping it simple

Inspired by Leo's post, yesterday evening I took a deep breath and started to edit my wardrobe - drawer by drawer. I got rid of 12 pairs of shoes, many tops and blouses, and even earrings and bracelets.

So, I put out all my clothes, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf. I took a good look at each item and asked myself, do I wear this? Does this fit? Is this out of style? Does this match with other items? If the answer was no, then it went away... Actually, I put many of these items (especially shoes) in a box in the basement, and I'll see within a few months if I still want to toss them... The other items will be donated.

Now I have to keep my closet uncluttered and simple. Leo suggests sticking to the same colour scheme, so that all the items match. Lately, I've been wearing (and buying) mostly white, cream, beige, brown, grey and black. Indeed, yesterday I tossed pretty red, pink and yellow tops just because of the colour... I was feeling anxious and a bit scared to do that, but I did it! And it feels so good, it really does, to see my wardrobe lighter, more uniform and simple!

Box - to keep for a while and re-evaluate within a few months. Bags - to donate.

I think I did a great job, don't you?
I even found an old t-shirt that I love, and wore it today!

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  1. I do this all the time. I find that in order to get "the perfect wardrobe" constant editing is necessary.

    Well done you!


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