Making me sick

There are two things that really make me sick:

- the excuse "I don't have time" - this is the worst thing a co-worker can say to me, especially when they're single with no children. I have two kids, a home to take care of, a demanding job, and I have time. It's all a matter of time management and planning. I'd rather hear them saying "I didn't do this or that because I didn't feel like it". Plain and simple.

- people complaining about their jobs - this is such a Portuguese thing. At least, I don't think I've ever read foreign blogs where people complain about having to go to work. Things like "oh, bummer, tomorrow is monday, I have to go to work" really pisses me off. I think we should be all proud and thankful for having jobs, instead of complaining about them. But then again, this Portuguese mentality is in part responsible for the economical problems that Portugal is facing right now. There are several reasons why northern european countries are rich and productive, and people's strong mentality and will to move forward is one of them.

That being said, I love Portugal (we have wonderful things like the weather, the food and the history, and people are usually warm and friendly), but if I was offered a god job in places such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or even Germany, I would fly out tomorrow.

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  1. Concordo contigo!
    As pessoas queixam-se porque sabem que ao fim do mês têm um ordenado garantido.
    Eua ainda não arranjei trabalho e vou trabalhando no meu projecto e é bem complicado não ter-mos uma garantia de quanto se vai receber!


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