A beautiful girl with a beautiful bag ~ Uma bonita rapariga com uma mala bonita

I couldn't be happier! Dear Iro bought one of my tote bags and see how good she looks with it (and without it, of course, she's a beautiful girl)! Here and here. Gorgeous, right?

Não podia estar mais feliz! A querida Iro comprou uma das minhas malas e vejam como ela fica bem com a mala (e sem a mala, claro, que ela é uma rapariga muito bonita)! Aqui e aqui. Fantástico, não acham?

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  1. Thank you so much my dear Rita :)

    I have fallen in love with your bag ever since I saw it and during our vacation on hte island I loved it even more!

    It held from our beach towels to my every day things, sometime netbook and camera.

    I'll make a proper post about it in the next days with more pictures {without the pretty girl holding it ;)} and refer my readers to your shop, cause I really love your work!

    We'll talk more till then...am in the process of catchin up and arranging posts...

    Have a lovey day there :)

    P.S: not only me but also my partner loved it and was not complaining at all when sometimes holding it. You have his congrats on this lovely design and sewing work!

  2. Muito bonita, indeed!
    Como a tua mala ;)

  3. I'm blushing ;)


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