Daily outfit diary

I have always loved to photograph my daily outfits and check others' oufits for inspiration. 
Recently, I realised that I have more than 50 pairs of shoes, and that was kind of a shock for my fellow scientists. As you probably may know, scientists, mainly those workin on pure sciences such as physics, chemistry or biology, don't care much abouth clothes and other mundane things. Well, but I do. I like clothes and I love shoes. I try to fit the environment that surrounds me, so obviously I dont' wear shorts or high heels to the lab, but I do like to have my own style.
I was challenged to wear a diferent pair of shoes every day and that way prove that I do wear all of them!
So I'll be posting my daily outfits and shoes from now on!
Here's the first week, from 30 May to 5 June.

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