Friday bliss and plans for the weekend

Yesterday's work day was not that productive - being constantly interrupted by phone calls and people knocking on the door doesn't help when you're trying to focus on writing an article.
But in the afternoon my Decorate arrived! Fantastic book! Can't wait to go to the beach tomorrow and read it all through.

And I also got my basket of organic vegetables and fruits, from a project in Portugal called Prove that aims to promote and sell local agriculture and horticulture products.

Now I have a busy Saturday ahead. I have to go groceries shopping in the morning, then I'm going to a ballet show with the kids (based on the Wizard of Oz and danced by children), then lunch that will include some of the items in the picture above, a birthday party in the afternoon and later maybe a tennis game.

And tomorrow is elections day in Portugal. The plan is to vote early in the morning, buy sardines and snails and head to the beach house to spend the day under the Sun!

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