Thank you, Iro

Iro is a Greek girl living in Germany and she is one of my favourite bloggers and persons from the virtual world (and someone I would very much like to meet in person). Some time ago she ordered one of my tote bags and now she made a post about it. Would you care to read the lovely post she wrote on her blog Domestic Stories with Ivy? And while you're there, you may as well check out her whole blog and flickr photostream - pure eye candy!
Thank you so much, Iro!

3 comentários:

  1. Uau, o saco é lindíssimo. As fotos que ela tirou também estavam lindas. Foi um merecido post!

  2. You are so welcome my dear Rita!
    You are one amazing person yourself and I'd also be so happy to meet you when in a next visit in Portugal :)

    Enjoy your day & your weekend ~
    Iro xx

  3. Obrigada Mafalda! A Iro é uma rapariga muito talentosa!
    Thanks again, Iro!


Obrigada pelo comentário!

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