It’s May, I live in hot and sunny Algarve, southern Portugal, and it’s raining heavily outside.
I’m supposed to be writing an article on the underwater light environment for phytoplankton in turbid estuaries, but instead I decided to create a new blog – my fifth one.
I joined the blogging world in August 2009, and since then I’ve had 4 different blogs. I don’t know why, but I always feel the need to change, to start over, to write about different things.
Currently I have a blog that I really like, but I was getting tired of writing in both Portuguese and English. So, this one will be written in English only. Portuguese is my first language, but at work, nearly everything I write is in English – in technical English, so this will be a good writing exercise for me, to develop my non-technical English skills.
The name of this blog, The Busy Woman and the Stripy Cat, was the name of my third blog. The address is the same, but I deleted the old posts. I love this title, so I’m keeping it – the busy woman is me and the stripy cat was my beautiful cat, who died 2 years ago.
Anyway, here’s an intro on me:
- my name is Rita
- I’m in my early 30’s
- I have three men in the house (1 big and 2 small ones)
- I’m a scientist.
- I have busy work and personal lives
- I try to lead a simple, green and handmade life
I love (in no particular order):
- sports (indoor cycling, bodybuilding, swimming, tennis)
- classical and jazz music
- playing the piano
- reading
- everyday life
Last year I fell in love with crafts and handmade living.
Now, I’m also very much into decorating and photography (I’m trying to develop my photography skills, so any feedback on my photos will be greatly appreciated).
So, I’m not sure what this blog will be about. But I’m sure that I will love your company throughout this new adventure!

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  1. Olá Rita!
    Li aqui que irias escrever só em inglês...
    Agora já estás a escrever outra vez nas duas línguas...
    Caso "fujas" para outro blogue, não te esqueças de me avisar para te acompanhar, sim?
    Gosto muito de te ler, seja em inglês ou português! :-)
    Aliás! Leio-te sempre em inglês exactamente para exercitar... caso não compreenda de todo, aí sim, recorro ao português! :-D


Obrigada pelo comentário!

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