The busy minimalist

This is a post for my non-portuguese readers.

As you've probably noticed, I've been writing in portuguese only. That's because my simplifying quest has come to my blog. And bilingual blog posts seemed rather cluttered to me...

So, I created another blog, the busy minimalist, that is written solely in english. Most posts will be the same, here and there, so if you'd like to keep reading my stuff, I'd be a very happy girl if you'd pay me a visit! 
And as you've probably noticed, my latest posts have been all about simplifying, organizing, and, of course, minimalism. 

I truly believe I've finally found a lifestyle that suits me and I am 100% committed to this journey. 

So, you can read more about my experiences on minimizing my life in my new blog, the busy minimalist (and it is a paid domain, not a blogspot.com blog, meaning that I plan to stick around for a long time!).

See you there!
xoxo, Rita

2 comentários:

  1. Bem... reparei agora nos separadores que pudeste no blog!
    5 estrelas! Estão muito práticos!
    Beijinhos grandes e obrigada por ajudares a melhorar substancialmente o meu dia... a minha vida! :-D

  2. Obrigada, sempre é melhor que as tags... ;)


Obrigada pelo comentário!

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