Thursday it was

Breakfast ~ Pequeno-almoço

Flowers ~ Flores

My iguana attempting suicide?? ~ A minha iguana a tentar suicidar-se??

Feeling tired of the green walls in the office ~ A ficar cansada das paredes verdes do escritório

A typical portuguese dish for dinner - bacalhau à Brás (cod the Brás way... or something) ~ Bacalhau à Brás para o jantar

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  1. Sendo que tomei o pequeno almoço há 3 horas, acho que posso dizer que esse bacalhau à Brás já se comia :)

    Bj e bom fim de semana

  2. Rita,

    I really love your breakfast picture!
    As for the colour of your office I do agree that a change would be nice. I wish I could be closer and I could come help you.

    Have a great weekend ahead! I'm sorry to have not yet been able to make het promised post. I posted much less that I thought this week due to other projects and then being a little under the weather with a stomach bug.

    ... am almost fully recovered I can say, had a very ptoductive day and am also cathing up with the on line world.

    Sending you warm regards!
    Iro, xoxo


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