Things I like lately

I have to admit, I'm kinda tired of summer and vacations (school vacations, to be accurate)... 
I've been organizing and decluttering my home and my life for the New Year (that's September to me), and we're in the middle of renovating the kids' room.

Here some of things I've been loving lately:

- planning our big trip to Ikea (here and here)

- renovating the kids' room

- getting my oldest son ready to go to first grade

- trying to stay on track with Jillian Michaels' "Making the Cut" program

- School Sparks, a website and blog with lots of information and tips to help kids start school (and a lot of printables for kids, too!)

- Life... Your Way, a website and blog about finances, food, motherhood, success, parenting, everyday life (with a lot of printables, too!)

- Modern Simplicity, a blog about a "simple green living with modern style"

-  Creative Organizing, written by professional organizer Abby Garvey, is filled with a lot of organizing tips and printables (and it's a joy to go through her pictures of beautifully organized spaces)

- Simple Organized Living, is a blog about a simple and organized living (focusing on frugallity and downsizing), also written by a professional organizer, Andrea Dekker

- Becoming Minimalist, focusing on the advantages of owning less and living more

I wish you all a perfect weekend!

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